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Hi Guys,

Apologies for the English, I have yet to learn dutch and couldn't find an English forum. Hope you can help nevertheless!
I am looking to move to the Netherlands, and have a hard time figuring out what is allowed in terms of engine swaps and tuning.
Ideally I would be looking at swapping a MX-5 MK1/NA or MK2/NB with a V6 or V8 and putting on a SRP1 kit.

Does anyone know if this would be legal, or how it would be possible from a RDW point of view?

Pretty simple.

Build it, make sure all your mounts are well calculated and strong for the purpose.
Some soundtest.
Make sure you're brakes are fit for purpose.

Then do the test and make sure that its a neat build. No loose ends. They don't like to see that.
Yeah. The level of building must be "high". You can do it yourself but not the America: If it fits it's oke kind of build
Oh boy, they'll hate you for it grinning smiley
Basically you will end up with a new car that has no approval for the public road. So the rdw will have to do an extensive inspection to see if the car is road legal. [www.rdw.nl]
But then again, there are people that do a swap, and never have any problems, but that is illegal drinking smiley

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Hi Jesper,

The main thing is that the donor engine's history is known; you need to prove that it's not stolen and they usually want to see some sort of certificate that shows that the engine is approved to be used in the Netherlands. It's best to buy a donor vehicle that's already registered in the Netherlands, that will make getting the necessary paperwork a lot easier.
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