A3 Battery Performance

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I've an Audi A3 eTron with 67K kM and usually drive only in city.
I mostly charge the battery and drive untill it's fully discharge.
I see batter capability has reduced from 38 KM to 34 KM now in 3-4 months.
is it normal ? or Do i need to stop driving on battery looks like as I'm only driving on battery may be I'm damaging the battery life ?
I think it has more to do with the colder weather, it's normal that at lower temperatures the battery life decreases.
Re: A3 Battery Performance
26-10-2020 09:17
You can't say that the battery capacity is reduced, if the car itself says that the car range is less. That depents on so many indicators like how you drive, weather, etc.

Only way to investigate the batterij status is by a check at Audi.
Perfectly normal, our a3 etron has exactly the same. The range will drop quickly when it’s beneath 15 Celsius. If you want the maximum range, set a timer for the electric interior heater so the interior and the batteries get pre-heated before you set off.
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