Japan Car of the Year 2019-2020

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The top 10 cars of the “40th 2019-2020 Japan Car of the Year”, which decides one car of the year, was announced on the 7th. Selected by the Japan Car of the Year Executive Committee and Selection Committee from 35 models of domestic and imported brands.

The nominated vehicle was announced or released from November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2019, and is expected to be sold more than 500 units annually. This time, a total of 35 models, including 13 domestic models and 22 imported models, were covered. The 10 best cars selected this time will be examined and voted by 60 selection committee members, including motor journalists, and the car of the year will be selected as the best car throughout the year.

The 10 best cars this year are as follows. Six domestic cars and four imported cars were selected.

- Daihatsu Tanto / Tanto Custom
- Toyota Corolla / Corolla Touring
- Toyota RAV4
- Nissan Days Mitsubishi eK Cross / eK Wagon
- Honda N-WGN / N-WGN Custom
- Mazda3
- BMW 3 Series Sedan
- Jaguar I-PACE
- Jeep Wrangler
- Mercedes-Benz A class / A class sedan

In the 39th and 38th editions of the previous edition, Volvo won two crowns with "XC40" and "XC90" respectively. The 37th Subaru "Impressa" was the last to receive a domestic car. After a test ride for the selection committee who gathered the 10 best cars together on November 26, the final selection and award ceremony were held on December 6.

Foto's van de genomineerden: [response.jp]

Ik denk dat de Corolla wint. Sowieso in october de best verkochte auto in Japan

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Op innovatief vlak, zou de mazda 3 een terechte winnaar zijn, met het skyactive-x blok.
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